Kira for Lease Abstraction

Automatically extract and summarize provisions from leases. Using Kira's real estate provision models, law firms, property managers, and service providers can save hundreds of hours on lease review projects.

Create lease summaries within minutes

Fully manual lease review processes are slow, expensive, and prone to human error, requiring multiple levels of review. Kira helps you obtain key financial and legal information from your lease documents faster and more accurately than ever before.

image of lease project analysis and search

Import leases from anywhere

Kira can make sense of files in any format, including old scans. Import folders from your network, Intralinks, or use the Kira API to import leases from another system.

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Visualize and manage your project

With Kira's Dashboard, get a bird’s eye view of your project so that you can better communicate risks both within your project team and to you clients.

Learn more about the Kira Dashboard

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Powerful and flexible search

Organize your second-level review and enforce quality control by searching for leases based on presence or absence of any provision, text within a provision, and presence or absence of custom tags (such as “second level review required”), which can be applied at the document or provision level.

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Leases in multiple jurisdictions or languages?

Kira comes with built-in provisions models for North American leases but can be trained to work on leases in any Latin-script language including French, Spanish, and German. Learn more about Kira’s built-in provisions or learn how to create custom provisions with Kira Quick Study.

Built-in lease provisions

Compare leases to a form

Rapidly redline in bulk against a form agreement. Use a form deviation “heat map” to easily see where changes have been made across an entire pool of agreements.

Comparison heat map of lease

Export to other systems

All Kira metadata can be exported to Word, Excel, or to other systems using the Kira API. Easily keep data in sync with a property management system.

Kira lease abstraction export summary