Use Cases

Customized AI Solutions for your Use Cases

Kira Systems' machine learning contract analysis software is available in the cloud or on premises, depending on your organization’s needs.

One Kira Platform. Multiple Use Cases.

Due Diligence

Kira transforms the due diligence process from the initial data room download to the final report produced, streamlining and speeding the process for professionals and their clients.

Deal Points

Kira makes staying on top of market trends and tracking deal terms fast and easy.

Lease Abstraction

Kira provides both lenders and purchasers quick access to lease terms for a single building or an entire portfolio, and provides lawyers, surveyors and analysts with a tool to complete real estate due diligence more efficiently.


Kira provides lenders, agents, borrowers and other interested parties immediate access to loan terms for current or historical transactions, and provides lawyers with a tool to complete loan agreement due diligence quickly and accurately.


Kira helps organizations respond quickly and cost-effectively to any regulatory changes.


With Kira, audit teams can complete audit reviews faster and more cost-efficiently, and reduce their audit risk by reviewing more comprehensive sample sets.

Accounting Standards Compliance

Kira allows accounting teams to respond quickly and efficiently to regulatory and other changes that may impact the preparation of their clients’ financial statements or internal reports.


Kira provides consulting teams with the contract data they need to help their clients run their businesses more efficiently.

Contract Metadata Extraction

Kira empowers companies and their advisors to quickly and accurately populate contract metadata during the implementation of a new contract management system (CMS) or when migrating newly acquired contracts to a CMS.

Knowledge Management

Kira helps capture the experience and knowledge of your professionals so that it can be shared for the benefit of the entire organization.

Project Management

Kira’s intuitive user interface and workflow features improve the efficiency of any review project, even without the use of Kira’s built-in provision models and machine learning feature.

Efficiently review contracts & documents within a centralized platform